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26 February 2015


Mark Atwood

One of the problems with OpenStack is that too many of the "participating" companies are just standing there waiting for someone else to do work, while complaining that some feature that they want does not exist or is not mature yet, without they themselves doing any real work themselves on it it. I fear OpenNFV will be even worse at this.


Mark, thank you for taking time and articulating the cultural challenges associated with Telecom and IT coming together to shape the new play ground for the converged industries. Do you see any differences now 4 months later compared to when you wrote this article? How do you see the open source community engage with the Telecom world to secure the best of both worlds come together? Do you see any activities to improve the business model for the integration and life cycle management cost for the OPNFV initiative, compared to classic open source inititives you have bern involved with?

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