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01 April 2010


The Open Sourcerer

"It will be interesting to watch how Microsoft responds to Alex's post. The world is indeed watching."

And are (so far at least) notably silent...

Jim Smithers

I think its time we stop finding excuses for Microsoft. They knew what they were doing.

Here is what I see
1. They pushed for the standard by loading up the votes on their side by making those promises.
2. People who had no interest in obtaining things from Microsoft said that we should beware of the promises not being fulfilled.
3. Microsoft has a long history of saying one thing and doing another.
4. Now the people who helped push ooxml through are acting surprised that those promises were hollow?

They believed what Microsoft told them. In the face of past performance how can they be surprised? They were even warned.
They are now asking us to believe that they were fooled. Sadly, they are now looking like fools, and the rest of us are left with the fallout of those actions with a useless standard and a compromised standards body.

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