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17 March 2010


W^L+ (Walt Hucks)

I don't think we have anything to fear here. I was in high school in the 1970s, when we were being stoked full of fear of overpopulation, global starvation, and an ice age that we would surely see during our lifetimes. Ten years later, we had the hottest year globally since the 1940s.

Realizing that climate science is mostly applied statistics, I've started paying attention to the math guys who are looking over the shoulders of the CliSci establishment. There are some interesting questions which CliSci is ignoring rather than answering. Being that there is a very expensive policy that will be justified by this stuff, it is very important that we encourage questioning and get to the facts.

I'm not saying that human activities are not affecting the climate. What I am saying is that we have some really major environmental issues that are liable to be ignored for a generation if we find that the global temperature is not about to become life-threatening. We should be focusing students' attention on those issues which we know for sure instead of possibly giving another generation a "don't believe what they tell you" experience.

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