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03 February 2010


Corey Shields

Berkus is one of best in open source. I haven't bet Jono but it is obvious that he gets it too, and that is there's more to open source success than just code. There are very real human aspects that get lost and forgotten because we're all collaborating virtually.

I saw Gentoo implode from poisonous people and anarchy. There were excellent coders in that community producing excellent code, but the best code in the world will never make it on its own. It is the -community- that eventually makes or breaks a project. Same holds true for corporate-led code.

(ok, there are still great coders working on that project, but you'll never see it back at the top of distrowatch and it will sadly never live up to its full potential)

I'm glad to see that so many people in the Ubuntu community respect Jono's words, gives me hope for longevity in that, and other, projects. :)

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