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16 September 2009


Mike Olson

Dude, on font size alone, that is eleven slides.

Stephen Walli

@Mike: Thanks :0) It's not as horrifying as it looks at first. If everyone understands the debate+decision protocol, it's actually very Tufte -- present all relevant information together. If I had tried to present this as 11 slides to a Msft exec, we would have been derailed by debate by slide three.

Barry Klawans

I'm with Stephen on this - in fact Tufte immediately came to mind. I seen too many long presentations where the point was lost in the details. Sorry Mike.



Tufte? As in 'tough to read?'

Stephen Walli

@Zurlocker: Download the PDF old man :0) Admittedly it was always fun in this form of presentation to watch all the reading glasses come out around the table and the ensuing squinting, or looking over the tops of glasses, etc.

Henrik Ingo

I realize this is an old thread, but somehow it popped up on twitter today.

For completeness, the references to "Tufte" are about Edward Tufte:

(Didn't know if Zack's question is sincere or not.)

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