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22 July 2009


Sam Ramji


We have contributed tens of thousands of LoC to MPICH2, PHP, QPID, Apache Hadoop, Apache POI, Apache Stonehenge, ADOdb, and others.

The rate of our contributions is increasing, and has increased over the last year.

This does not include the code we've contributed to hundreds of new open source projects that were started by Microsoft engineers.



Morning Sam: If I mischaracterized Microsoft contributions this past year, my apologies. What a search (including on for things like MPICH2 or Hadoop tends to find is references to "we joined the community". The MPICH2 participation is even murkier, because articles tend to reference the MS MPI implementation of the MPI2 spec, not contributing code to the Argonne National Labs open source implementation. I'm more used to news like Microsoft doing Silverlight at arms-length through Novell's Moonlight. You need to get the PR folks making more noise, or create better talking points to emphasize the contributions. Playing it soft here isn't going to sound well against the likes of other company's claims of "250 engineers work every day on Linux..." sorts of statements. Regardless, congratulations on the Linux contribution.

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