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25 March 2009



I have to agree with you...IBM is here to stay, way way into the next generation...hell, I'm betting the holodeck on the Enterprise will be running from an IBM mainframe...running linux, of course :)

Paul Powen

My only problem with your analysis is... I'm buying ZFS based storage. I run MySQL. I buy whiteboxes, and the corp IT group is about to start ordering Sun kit. IBM has a great message... but they don't have a single product to sell in the new world.

If they're going to be all about services, that is a smooth message. But then the $50b in product revenue that's keeping IBM humming is going to have to go away. I don't know a single cloud built from DB2, I don't know anyone using Rational or Lotus or AIX. We're moving off WebSphere to Jboss. So where exactly does IBM fit?

Marketing. Exactly right.

Stephen R. Walli

Hello Paul: Thanks for taking the time to comment. I completely agree that vendors need to build things that solve customer problems. My commentary was strickly on marketing execution and the difference in focus of the three messages, not the relative merits of any of the technologies involved. cheers, stephe

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