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11 January 2009


Matt Asay

You need a bit more context on what I said, and what he thinks. He does think differently, but as Warren Buffet will tell you, anyone who claims that "this time it's different" or that somehow they've found a "new" way of doing business is trying to sell you something. Ubuntu doesn't challenge the basic laws of economics. Period. Mark needs to find ways to make money. Period. Some of those ways will challenge the free software community's conception of what is acceptable. Period.

And, hence, the "crisis of faith." Period. :-)

Stephen R. Walli

Morning Matt: Always a pleasure to have you visit :-)
I have confidence that you were reduced to short quotes missing context by the journalists. That said, Canonical does have revenue, and is exploring ways of making better money. I don't believe Mark thinks "this time it's different" or that he is naive on "new" ways of doing business. His depth of understanding of Microsoft's OEM business and how hard it is to replicate is a case in point. That didn't stop Canonical from exploring business with Dell. I am saying I think that if anyone will discover a sound economical model to scale the business, Mark has my vote.

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