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08 October 2008


Steve Bjorg

Thanks for the nice write up. You're absolutely right! We want end users to be able to adapt dashboard to their needs over time. IT might create the first iteration, but why does IT need to be the bottleneck for every little tweak. That's what is killing IT with overload and is also why non-IT departments hate IT's slowness. Now, combine this with a wiki model where every change can be traced back and reverted easily (think source control!) and with a comprehensive security model, and you get a glimpse of what Deki enables you to achieve. :)

Sarah Carr

Thanks for the great review of MindTouch Deki. Keep up the great writing and we look forward to reading more from you. Cheers!

Corey Shields

Thanks for the review. When looking for a good, open source wiki I had glanced at MindTouch once before but did not see any mention of a free or open source version. Even after reading your review my eyes were drawn away from the singular mention of "open source" on the front page to the "how to buy" button which quickly scared the crap out of me given a $0 budget.

Alas, it is my fault for not digging further to realize that there is an open source version. And don't get me wrong, I believe software developers deserve to get paid and the freemium model is a good one. Just didn't seem obvious at first. Your review caused me to take a second look and I'm downloading now.


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