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02 October 2007



Of course even Google Docs and similar tools are missing the real disruptive technology which is to not just provide web-based office apps but to provide full remote file hosting with an open API so that any web-based app, desktop-based app, file-system, etc can take advantage of it in a way easy for users to use.

I want all my files in one place and to be able to access them from multiple applications. This should be as easy as creating an account and then generating access keys for individual apps. I go to the web-app of my choice and enter the access key I generated for them and they can save files where I can easily access them, but they can only access the files in the section defined for them. I do a quick install and I have a new file system on my computer that lets me seamlessly store files online. I access a special web-based tool and I have full system backups being kept remotely. That is what is going to be disruptive. I have my own service in creation. It'll be interesting to see what big players put out to compete.

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