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12 October 2007


Asbjørn Ulsberg

The most likely reason "IP Innovation" isn't going after Microsoft for patent 5,072,412 is that "IP Innovation" is a subsidiary of "Acacia" which during the last four months have hired two former Microsoft employees in their management staff; Jonathan Taub (former Microsoft Director of Strategic Alliances for the Mobile and Embedded Devices) and Brad Brunell (former Microsoft General Manager of Intellectual Property Licensing).

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, etc.

Chris Ward

Patent litigation (and blatantly-corrupt copyright litigation) dissuades learners from entering the field; and also dissuades established corporations from allowing their engineers to help in schools.

It's just not worth the commercial risk.

So, we're emptying the 'field' of the engineering talent which could keep the Internet together and could make progress.

As a society, we get what we pay for.

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