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24 September 2007


John Mark

Great post! I touched on a similar topic a week ago -

I wonder at those who still wonder if this "open source thing" is here to stay. Your quotes from Boskin are a great insight into this topic, and your last paragraph makes a great point: as long as contributors get something of value, they're willing to give (this is also the standard answer I give to companies that are afraid of forking a project, but that's a topic for another post)

Incidentally, your last point reminds me of a lecture from a psychology professor about how people will remain in a relationship as long as they feel that their investment "return" is at least equal to what they put in. And in the end, isn't developing a personal relationship or attachment what community-building is all about? This gets to the heart of the point I'll try to drive home in my "open source macro vs. micro" series.

-John Mark

Ron Fredericks

This is an interesting topic. I don't think we have seen the full extent of the open-source community market impact yet. Looking at previous open-source movements - yes before the Internet - we may learn something about where our moden day open-source community is headed. Or maybe this time, history doesn't repeat itself...

In a blog post I attempt to capture the excitement in being part of the “first community developer” project for a smart mobile computing device [back in 1981] and it is so similar to the smart devices we use today! I know the engineering community is ready for a new challenge - one that has already been solved back in 1981 - one that affects the speed of technology reuse around the globe today.

Here is the link to

Best regards,

Ron Fredericks

Saifi Khan

In free software projects, "politics" is the currency !

Free software (FSF) have been very successful in introducing 'politics' to CS curriculum.

Saifi Khan.

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