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29 June 2007



If the ISO lets in 2 standards then why not 102? The question will go from "Is there and ISO Standard?" to "Which ISO Standard?". If it does then that is the end of ISO.

Jo Walsh

So much criticism is directed at OOXML over this. But do other ISO standards emerge from a series of "product successes and failures, over a period of years"?

ODF, for example, is based on a one-product specification,'s internal XML format. is maintained by Sun at considerable expense, it is not a collectively maintained open source project, Sun and IBM exercise influence over the ODF committee at another pay-to-play industry consortium. Consortia change their rules to encourage Microsoft's membership.

To "punish" MS for its behaviour by seeking to block its standard at ISO is admitting that ISO certification is used as a political tool, a business tool. Is this far from the truth? It is a crisis of compromise in the standards system, rather than the actions of any specific players, which most needs criticism and change.

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