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17 May 2007



You say: " The "subscription" model later invented by such companies looked a lot like a feature update service with support and maintenance. The new web-enabled subscription services developed by the likes of Red Hat, JBoss, and MySQL provide regular value beyond new features. "

Really, Stephe? Like... what?


You say: "Microsoft########Novell SuSE"

When did you start taking cheap shots to drive readership and "street cred", Stephe? Not that the giant of the northwest has what anyone would claim to be "clean hands", but I don't recall any aspect of that deal ceding any form of control or ownership of the contents of SuSE by Novell to Microsoft. Do you know differently?


Jason! Welcome.

The Novell cheap shot was a wee bit cheap -- yes. No control was ceded. No street cred needs on my part. Readership will always be niched around people that care about open source, business, standards, and intellectual property. It was more a reference to Novell thinking it needs Microsoft's help. If you haven't read Brent Williams commentary on the numbers, it's here:

On your subscription question: the "network" products tend to provide realtime data and tuning and simple monitoring sorts of information. So instead of providing feature updates, you're getting "data" about your unique configuration (e.g. security patch requirements).

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