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25 April 2007


Jeff Waugh

Hey Steph,

If you're keen for imaginative mobile devices, you might be interested in the announcement last week about the GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative. The OLPC, OpenMoko, LabQuest and N800 are built on top of the GNOME Mobile PLatform. :-)


What I'm wondering about is their lack of risk taking capability. It seems to take ages for them to come up with anything and for the most time they have been more reactive than proactive.. If N800 was out with wimax component and max 50eur more price I think it would be a hit around where I live (wimax coverage with flat rates available and the device IS damned nice)

Derek Coleman

Great article. I also think Google should invest in more development of these devices. Nokia really started something with the Internet Tablets, but I believe it will ultimately be the community that pushes the platform forward.

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