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02 April 2007


Jethro Cramp


It was a great week, not just a great day. You pulled in some interesting people who had important things to say and said it very well in limited space.

I look forward to the next event!



Looks like an interesting summit, but I don't recall seeing CFP or rego for the summit. Quite a pity because a lot more people would have benefitted from this event.

Stephen Walli

Hi Eugene: Agreed. Things are done a bit differently in China I'm learning. Next time, I'll have that covered a little better, and get the word out more broadly. cheers, s.

Don Sheu

Enjoyed reading your post. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the state of Open Source in China. I'm looking to produce a tour of leading Open Source proponents from Chicago and the Midwest to China. In conjunction with our Tour, I want to coordinate with partners in China to produce conferences to reach those interested in Open Source and also recruit contributors for Open Source projects.

Would love to talk. Cheers,

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