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19 March 2007


Stephen Varga

Indeed, the value driven proposition given by Red Hat is not defensive in any respect. It's common sense. This was a well written post I have to say.

Michael Tiemann


You got it absolutely right. And I'm jealous of your artistic abilities!

Peter Nolan

I had my 'ureka' moment of technology for value creation vs cost reductions in 1991...and have been spreading the message ever since.

The fastest payback a project I worked on achieved was that the total cost of the project was paid for while still in development, by being a critical differentiator in winning a 5 year multi-million dollar deal for our client from one of their prospects.

IT people would be well advised to focus on new revenue and profit rather than 'feeds and speeds' that they seem so caught up in. If we do this over the next 20 years IT people will be far better regarded than they are now, which is poorly.

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