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21 February 2007


Trey Ethridge

I just wanted to point out something that I never noticed until somebody pointed it out to me. Twice in your article, you mention that "Customers could care less" when talking about patents. This is an incorrect statement that I hear many people say. The correct statement should be "Customers couldn't care less". Because if I "could care less", it means that I actually do care about the issue.

Take it for what it's worth. :-) It's a very good blog post. Keep up the good work.

Kevin Marks

The best characterisation of FOSS software I heard recently was 'free as in kittens'.

Wesley Parish

Judging from comments I've been reading around the 'Net, people see Ballmer's claims - without any corresponding proof - in the same light that they now see Darl McBride's claims about Linux.

Of course, The SCO Group was in deep financial strife at the time, and Darl was just after a quick buck.

How many of us consider that Microsoft may be now in deep financial strife as well? Since Ballmer's taken the same tack as Darl?

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