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11 January 2007



Your Point 5 is superfluous, because GPLv2+ already forces the rights to patents to be grantet in ยง7.

I actually guess this paragraph is one of the biggest reasons MS (and other firms) hates the GPL so much.


A mashup of MySQL and SQL Sever - wow, yeah, I can see that happening. A merger between two massive codebases well into middle age, one open-source and developed by the UNIX community, the other (formerly) closed-source, and developed by the windows dev teams.

I know its Sunday, but maybe slow down on the hallucinogens for the next few weeks, and get someone sensible to check what youve written before you hit the send button, ok? Freinds dont let freind publish drivel while they are out of their minds.


Damien. Chill. "There will be some SQL Server algorithm or function that's just plain too interesting to NOT try to use in MySQL. Depending upon what it is, MySQL has a pluggable architecture that encourages such experimentation."

I'm not talking about a whole scale merge of code bases. And I know something of the history of each code base, and the styles that contributed to them. (Indeed, early SQLServer came out of Informix. It would be interesting to know what if anything of the original structure is still visible.)


Ok, missed that bit. Chill pill taken.


SQL Server came from Sybase not Informix

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