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02 August 2006


Jack Lane

What, no ALJ ruling of the FTC Initial Decision on the Rambus case? NO FRAUD
What, no comment on the CAFC, which overturned the VA case Rambus V Infinion? NO REQUIREMENT TO DISCLOSE!
What, no comment from the Hynix case and the 37-0 ruling by a Federal Jury in Rambus' favor? Patents are valid and infringed.
Have you even been following this situation?
The FTC is corrupt, has always been the attack dog for MU and the other theives and its ruling will eventually be overturned in a real court


Jack: The point of the post isn't the validity of the Rambus patent. It's their anticompetitive abuse of the system. They joined a standards organization to see where it was going, quit, attempted (successfully) to patent ahead of the standard, such that when the standard was published every one that attempted to implement the standard was infringing the patent.

Even if the FTC is as corrupt as you say, it is appropriate for the government to intervene here.

Rambus's actions have had punishing consequences to the entire standards industry.

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