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30 June 2006


Jan Kechel


I created a small website with MediaWiki, which is dedicated to collect Prior Art against this patent. This will help Red Hat and might prevent the same patent from beeing issued in Europe, Canada, Japan and other countries.

Let's show the world that this wasn't a new invention in 1998 !

Wesley Parish

Well, FWLIW, one should remember that magic phrase "Intellectual Property", by which various have assumed meant they could do whatever they liked.

There's a universal property law of the sea that may well apply in the case of software patents - the maritime law of salvage.

A threat to navigation and maritime trade is not permitted; a threat to navigation and maritime trade that is the result of the abandonment of a vessel is worth up to the entire cost of the said threat to navigation and maritime trade, to the person that salvages it and returns it to port.

Since software patents are a real and present threat to internet navigation and the software trade, I believe a case could well be made for extending the extensive maritime salvage and law of finds case law to software patents. What this means is that Firestar would be treated as a threat to internet navigation and the trade thereon, to software development and the trade therein, and is therefore forfeit to RedHat and its subsidiary JBoss.

Maybe if enough people talk about this idea to their local friendly lawyers, we might see some serious action.

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