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11 November 2005



And you like to know about how google looks in the past..

The Mother Google!!

Randy H.

Let's be candid Stephen-- you're "hoping" for this rather than basing your judgement on any type of concrete analysis. I hope it is a REALLY expensive dinner that you end up buying. :)


I expect Microsoft will adapt. They're big enough, but it could involve a change in direction. IBM's change in direction back in the 90s seemed nearly terminal, but they managed it and have come out well since.

All Microsoft need to do is lose the obsession with Windows - tieing everything to it and trying whatever they to to lock people into using it. They could do excellent services in a cross platform world. Perhaps that's what this new strategy is about - only I expect they'll try to tie it to needing Windows on the client as they always do.

(PS. Your weblog "don't post too frequently" check is triggered even on error. I forgot to enter the "number" from the image first time. Second time after correcting it I was told to wait.)


I'm not "hopeful" here. I spent five years in the culture however, so feel I have a certain perspective on the execution. As Richard points out: "All Microsoft need to do is lose the obsession with Windows". I don't believe culturally they'll be able to do that in the current executive climate. And they can rationalize their behaviour because to abandon Windows would be bad for business by all the measures applied by Wall Street. There's no easy way to do it.

You're both right of course. I may end up buying a great dinner. cheers!


Open Source Industry Analysis should be talked about more. At least Udell is commenting on it:

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