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17 February 2005


Arjen Lentz

> things the MySQL engineering team knows won't work

These are actually documented:
So no secrets there.

You may be right about the customers. Generally, we don't mind people knowing who uses MySQL as it's good advertising! Some customers however don't want to disclose what tools they use, for their own strategic reasons. Financial institutions are typically among that group.

Regards, Arjen Lentz
Community Relations Manager, MySQL AB


Thanks for the comment, Arjen. I was a little unclear perhaps. When I said "things that don't work", I meant experiments that were abandoned as underperforming (for example) and perhaps never made it into main MySQL tree, rather than bugs. Although your example is absolutely correct -- I've had that discussion before at several places I've worked, where you just don't want to directly publish your bug lists. I think companies like MySQL finally give us data that while we may feel uncomfortable that our competitors might be looking at our bug lists and using them with their customers, customers themselves are more appreciative of the transparency because everyone knows software has bugs.

Also, while every company wants to trumpet the names of companies using your products, I was referring to the actual customer contact names and info, and as you point out, they may be hesitant to share their strategic uses.

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