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29 June 2005


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Matthew Crouch

Thank you for this. It will be an inspiration to all sorts of companies to look rationally at the potential return-on-investment into F/OSS activity. I foresee a lot of smart people sharing ideas on F/OSS policies, and making those documents as well-thought-out and useful as the open-source licenses themselves.


Thanks indeed for sharing with us your policy framework for FOSS usage. I am especially glad that your organization took time to think through the entire issue and added a section community commitment, thanks again!

I think it is a useful start in this direction...I'm sure a beginning such as this will help many others review it and help evolve such a policy into a larger framework which can be perhaps adapted by many more organizations in the future.

I will also nclude this link soon at a page we run for FOSS WWW Resources @ http://www.eit.in/sw/free_software/free_software.html

Rgds, Ec

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