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24 May 2005


Sheygets Goyishekop


You like Open Office, and you like Audacity, but you're not a "power user" and you're still running Windows. All righty, here's some more free, open-source, Windows apps you might like, too:

My favorite's Firefox, but let me digress. (Play to your strengths. I say.)

Evolution and Thunderbird/Sage/Sunbird/iCal are fine, if you want to run email, RSS-feed-reader, and calendar apps on your machine; however, for anything that isn't company confidential, I personally like things like Gmail and Bloglines and Backpack (or the other stuff from 37signals), which I don't have to buy *or* install. These aren't open source, but they also cut into the Microsoft desktop market.

I'll suggest that this points the way to yet another strategy: company-confidential versions of network-service replacements for desktop apps -- ones which have already become popular outside that market. The Google search appliances are examples of this, as is the full-featured version of 37signals' Basecamp. What would it be worth to General Motors to have a corporate Gmail appliance?

There is no thinner-client machine than a kiosk-style web browser, running off an infection-proof CD.

That's not the OED, that's the Shorter OED.

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